Inje University International Korean Adoptee Program

There are alot of different Korean language university programs in Korea. However, there is only one Korean University Program, which is a specialized Korean Adoptee University Program.

If you ever have thought or dreamed about studying for one semester with a group of Korean Adoptees, who have grown up from the U.S., Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Australia and Germany, and at the same time living in a Korean dormitory with 250 other Korean students at a Korean university 45 minutes from Pusan – it is now you should apply!!

The courses that will be taught are e.g. Korean langauge, Korean culture and history, Korean film and music, Korean cooking and Taekwondo.

Furthermore you will have the opportunities to join many different student unions, student clubs and student sport teams.

The fee for 1 semester, including tuition fee, courses, 3 meals pr. day, day-trips to several cultural places in Korea, Cheju-trip, a Han-Bok and living in a dormitory is only 2000 U.S. $.

Please contact Eun Zi Park on iiihr[a] or Simon Young Kook Nonboe on simon.young.nonboe[a] if you are interested.

The attached files are an overview of:
IIIHR Registration fee (Price overview) 2013

About IIIHR Program_2013, Obangdong, Gimhae, Gyoungnam, Korea


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